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Benefit when you refer a business you know

Why not share your experience with your network of friends, peers and colleagues? If you make a referral, we’ll thank you for every valid referral you send with a £25 voucher and if they become a customer, we’ll send you a further £100 voucher.

Here is how it works

Submit their details here, and our sales team will validate the contact and send you a £25 Amazon voucher.

Step one

When we receive your referral, we will call them to explain why we are contacting them and give you all the credit. We will, of course, check if they are happy to talk to us and receive further information from Bottomline, upon confirmation they are happy to speak to us we will send you a £25 gift voucher.

Step two

If they want to learn more about our Direct Debit service, one of our friendly account handlers will tell them all about our services and show them a demo of our Emandates platform.

Step three

If they want to progress and sign-up, we will send you a further £100 voucher. Otherwise, if they don’t, no hard feelings, we’re always up for talking to new people.

Get started

If you have any businesses in mind, simply contact our sales team on the below, or email us the contact details and our sales team will call them direct.

Call now: 0344 826 6700 or email us at bps-info@bottomline.com